• 180, 200, 250 CGI Engine M270


    The 4 cylinder engines M270 and M274 are available with two different displacements, 1.6 liters and 2.0 liters turbocharged direct injection. Essentially they are the same engine, the M270 is offered in Mercedes models with FWD fitted transversely, the M274 in the RWD models and fitted longitudinally. 

    With our additional electronic module we achieve a low-cost and easy fittment performance increase in all cases for those M270 and M274 engines.



    Version 180 CGI BlueEfficiency / CGI: Loewenstein LM18CGI

    Consisting of additional module

    151 HP and 255 Nm of torque



    Version 200 CGI: Loewenstein LM20CGI

    Consisting of additional module

    193 HP and 308 Nm of torque



    Version 250 CGI: Loewenstein LM25CGI

    Consisting of additional module

    245 HP and 420 Nm of torque



    Please, learn more here about our Loewenstein CGI modules...



    Supported platforms (FWD M270):


    • A180 (W176), CLA180 (C117), B180 (W246) with 1.6 Turbo from 2013 (factory 122 HP)
    • A200 (W176), CLA200 (C117), B200 (W246) with 1.6 Turbo from 2013 (factory 156 HP)
    • A250 (W176), CLA250 (C117), B250 (W246) with 2.0 Turbo from 2013 (factory 211 HP)