Design & modelling

  • Design & modelling

In our design department, an unusual design appeared: Modern, subtle and unique around the world.

As always, the basis for all LOEWENSTEIN aerodynamics products is of most precise eye for detail and perfection, as well as functionality. We develop body kits which cover the customer requests and ensure on-site installation with easeness and accuracy.

In our departments for developments and together with our reputable suppliers, every design idea is fitted first onto the vehicle, modifying and improving any design curve if necessary, to adapt the proposed appearance on the real technical possibilities.

The modeling works are done directly onto the specific vehicle model by finest and experienced craftsmanship using first-class raw materials.

Whether with polyester, foams, resins or even modeling clay and plasticine, any design takes its final shape after months of intense commitment of our employees.



    With the tooling we understand the transfer of each individual aerodynamic part resulting from the prototype vehicle models by using scanning and milling operations, as well as by negative forming by hand several laminate layers with impressive accuracy.


    In the case of the Loewenstein Saphir carbon fiber aerodynamic kit, we created the best composite tools, with which we can produce hundreds of carbon fiber parts by vacuum infusion process produces.

Vacuum infusion process


    The LOEWENSTEIN CLA Saphire carbon fiber parts are manufactured under the vacuum infusion process. In combination with a subsequent tempering in an oven over 100 degrees, we get distortion-free and perfectly fitting parts, which have an incredible strength.

    All parts are handcrafted and do obtain individually constant quality checks by the end of its production.

    After the removal from the mold, an UVP-coating is carried out on each aerodynamic component, which may be painted later either in body color or only with a clearcote obtaining shiny or matte carbon fiber optics.

Loewenstein Design exhaust end tips

The unique rear for Mercedes and AMG models. A Recognition feature of LOEWENSTEIN!


  • Loewenstein Design exhaust end tips