The Loewenstein CLA Saphir widebody kit

For once, from the house LOEWENSTEIN appears a daring muscleman for our staunchest clientele.

From now on, there is a final refining stage available as a spectacular, but discreet widebody package for the entire silhouette of the compact four-door coupe for all 45 AMG models of the C117 series, as well as for all vehicles with AMG styling package. The brutal SAPHIR kit is basically made entirely of high quality and lightweight carbon fiber composite and can be completed with our 1-piece Loewenstein CONCAVE rim.

The Saphir front

The front of the SAPHIR aerodynamic widebody kit receives a widening of 20mm per side. The widening applications in carbon fiber composite (also available in glass fiber composite) are fitted onto the factory counterparts of the vehicle and do emphasize an optical strength gain of the Coupé on its front axle.


A sporty front spoiler in 100% carbon fiber underscores the aggressive look of the four-door and allows a perfect transition with the widening parts.

Also the full carbon hood reveals with its center dome a striking superiority of Mercedes CLA.

The Saphir rear

The Loewenstein widening includes applications for the rear fenders and do extend the rear axle by incredible 40 mm per side. With the Loewenstein 1-piece rim CONCAVE in 20" we are able to underline much more this fantastic widening.

A line spreader trunk spoiler in its 3-piece construction increases in combination with the Loewenstein spoiler RS aerodynamic downforce dynamics of the entire vehicle. Again, we are using 100% carbon fiber and guarantee it after customers choice either with a gloss or semi-gloss carbon-look surface.

This last detail includes the rear diffuser, also a full-carbon component, which can also be mounted harmoniously with the LOEWENSTEIN design exhaust tips.

The widening applications

The widening applications


The LOEWENSTEIN widening parts are manufactured in 100% carbon or as desired in glass fiber composite. There are throughout 14 separate parts for the wide body at front and rear axle.

Conscious development and experienced manufacturing of tools guarantee perfect and easy assembly with incredible fitting.

Convince yourself and order now your own Loewenstein SAPHIR widebody kit!


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